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We are so glad you visited us today. This site is the creation of Stefani Sadler and Tracy Jarboe. We are both school teachers and enjoy writing, illustrating and presenting educational materials. We have many books available for purchase and free sample PDFs as well. We hope you enjoy your trip to the schoolhouse.






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Free Blackline Patterns

To print the free patterns that are available in some of the above themes - simply click on the pattern, the file will open, and then print.  It's that easy!



Back to School
Back to School in Kindergarten
Back to School in Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade Direct Download! (Pdf, 2 MB)
This 136-page eBook is essentially broken into two sections: how to prepare for the first week of school and teaching the first week of school. How to prepare for the first week of school topics include: preparation, room environment, supplies, bulletin boards, behavioral plans, welcoming students, parent/student communication, sample letters, forms, guidelines and procedures. Teaching during the first week of school includes: sample first day schedule, activities for the first week of school, and student patterns to complete during that first week of school. This e-book includes more than 30 activities and more than 80 reproducibles including: reproducible student books, certificates and bookmarks, journal covers, assessment, math worksheets, hidden pictures, class graphs, book activities, shape poems, and so much more! It is our hope that this tool will assist you in creating the optimal learning environment for your students and a joyous first week of school. This e-book makes a wonderful gift for new teachers and student teachers! *The three volumes of this book are essentially the same content, but the student pages are leveled for each grade.
Price: $14.95

Achieve the Common Core:

Teaching Math Standards in Kindergarten

ABC Schoolhouse is excited to release a comprehensive new math resource that will support teachers as they address the new Common Core Math Standards inAchieve the Common Core: Teaching Math Standards in  Kindergarten Kindergarten. “Achieve the Common Core: Teaching Math Standards in Kindergarten” contains over 380 pages of activities and instructional supports that address each of the Common Core Math Standards in Kindergarten. This resource features five delightful “Core-Animals” that captivate young learners and guide them through the five math domains: Counting & Cardinality (Cat), Operations & Algebraic Thinking (Octopus), Number & Operations in Base Ten (Numbat), Measurement & Data (Monkey), and Geometry (Giraffe). Teachers will also find helpful common core resources, such as: Domain, Cluster, Standard, and Math Practices Cards; Core-Animal Posters; a wealth of learning activities, and patterns for Student Data Notebooks & Mathematician Celebrations. Everything teachers need to introduce, strengthen, and lead students to mastery of the concepts and skills of the common core mathematics standards is provided, including: practice pages, number & vocabulary cards, and blackline patterns. This is truly one of the most comprehensive resources available. As with all our books, the motivational artwork is the original creation of Stefani Sadler. Although this resource addresses the Kindergarten Math Standards, it would easily supplement both Pre-K and First Grade instruction as well.

The hard copy version is split into 2 parts for ease of use.


E-Book    Hard Copy
Price: $24.95 View Table of Content Part 1 : 14.95        
  Part 2 : 14.95     

Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge Charts

Many teachers are now asked to turn in, or post, lesson plans as part of their professional expectations. For many, it is an expectation to also include Bloom's or Depth-of-Knowledge Levels alongside learning targets/objectives. To support teachers with this expectation, ABCSchoolhouse has designed posters/charts to meet this need using the art of Stefani Sadler. This e-book contains a set of color and a set of black/white charts for both the traditional and revised Bloom's Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge. These charts may be used in their current 8.5" x 11" form or enlarged to create classroom posters. We have also provided graphic cards for your own creative classroom use. This e-book is 47 pages in length.
E-Book   Hardy Copy
Price: $8.00   Price: $14.95
Write About It:


  One of the most talked about items at our literacy presentations is the use of a classroom themed "Write About It". We have been asked repeatedly to make our "Write About It" themes available for purchase and we have finally done it! We have created 12 monthly e-books and each contains two complete themes with unique "Write About It" patterns, word cards, writing stationery with prompts, word work practice sheets, writing templates, graphic organizers and student certificates. These books have everything you need to motivate your developing young writers. The themes included in each monthly book are as follows: September: Back to School & Johnny Appleseed; October: Fall Harvest & Halloween; November: Thanksgiving & Pilgrims and Indians; December: Holiday Fun & Gingerbread; January: Winter & Snowmen; February: Valentine's Day & Presidents; March: St. Patrick's Day & Spring; April: Baby Animals & Easter; May: Mother's Day & Flowers; June: Father's Day & Summer Vacation; July: Independence Day & Picnic; August: Summer Reading & My Masterpiece.

E-book Price: $4.00


Kinder Comprehension-(K-1) AND (1-2)

ABCSchoolhouse now offers two new kinder-comprehension books - one at an early emergent level for Pre-K/K and one at an emergent level for K/1st grade. This book is 80 pages in length and contains ten stories with comprehension practice and additional activities illustrated by Stefani Sadler. This has been a highly requested topic and we know your students will enjoy it. Please see the sample pages for a closer look at what's inside!



Price: $6.00                                                                            Price: $6.00


Hard Copy

Price: $9.95                                                                           Price: $9.95



Creative Monthly Calendars Direct Download! (Pdf, 8 MB)
Creative Monthly Calendars was originally published in 2003 and has been revised in 2011. It contains two calendar themes for each month of the year and each calendar theme offers literature suggestions, calendar patterns, full-color calendar samples, themed math activities and patterns, poetry, and lesson suggestions. There are over 200 pages of very easy to use calendar patterns and activities all of which are created using the original art of Stefani Sadler. The target instructional age is K-2 and the skills are all based on the math common core standards. Having two themes for each month allows teachers to make perfect instructional selections and works great for teachers who have combination grade level classes or loop with students. ABC Schoolhouse also offers a more primary calendar book for Pre-K entitled; Calendars for Young Learners.
E-book Price: $15.00
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