ABC Schoolhouse

Making Learning Fun!

ABC Schoolhouse is the creation of Stefani Sadler, M.A. and Tracy Jarboe, M.Ed. They are educators with over 50 years of combined experience.  They both enjoy presenting, writing, and illustrating creative learning materials for young children.

Tracy Jarboe

Tracy is currently working as an elementary principal in CO. Tracy is a nationally recognized presenter who combines her extensive knowledge of instruction with a clear focus on the standards.

Stefani Sadler

Stefani is a talented illustrator and has worked for many leading publishers. She is also an accomplished teacher, author, and presenter.

As experienced educators, they know how difficult finding valuable and appropriate learning materials can be. Their mission is to provide high quality, standard-based resources to be used with young students that are also motivating and fun. 

     All ABC Schoolhouse materials are child-centered and classroom tested. Both Stefani and Tracy understand the value of your time and know that you will find their materials to be easy to use and ready to implement. Above all else, they strive to make learning rigorous, meaningful, and fun. Stefani and Tracy hope you enjoy their materials and website. They invite you to return as often as you like as they post new ideas and materials on a regular basis.